8 March 2016

Refreshers Mallow Rolls (Pound World) [By @Cinabar]

This bright packet caught my eye in Pound World. I like Refreshers sweets, I don’t have them that often but do associate them with a fun retro nostalgia. The sweets are a hard and fizz slightly on the tongue producing a strong zap of fruity flavour. I wasn’t quite sure how this would translate into marshmallow, but I was keen to find out.
The Refreshers Mallow Rolls look very pretty, they are multicoloured, with tones of orange, pink, green and yellow, and there seems to be four main designs.

I popped one of the Refreshers Mallow Rolls into my mouth and really liked the soft fluffy texture. There was a slight firmness to them allowing you to chew a little before it dissolved away. Flavour wise the sweets were rather tasty. I’d be lying if I told you I could tell them apart, them seemed to be very similarly flavoured. Along with the sugary marshmallow sweetness was a nice hint of citrus flavour. Weirdly it was a gentle does of lemon and orange fruitiness, and not fizzy, zingy or wild like the sweets really should have been, or the bright packet implied.
The mallows best selling point is their bright fun colourfulness, and the fruity tone is a bonus. I felt the flavour should have been stronger, but perhaps the whole point of mallow is mellow if you see what I mean.
Either way, they were fun and very pleasant to munch on, and I would even pick them up again. So the flavour may not be out there on the side of adventure, but I still think they are thumbs up over all.
By Cinabar

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