10 March 2016

Bami Goreng - frozen dinner in a bag! (Lidl) [by @NLi10]

As many of you know I love sophisticated and subtle flavours like Fentimans and Monty Bojangles. I also love bachelor chow - food that you just heat and eat. This bag of frozen Bami Goreng is the later.

Here Lidl has provided a huge bag of frozen stuff. Meat, veg, sauce and even noodles have been cryogenically stashed away to fuel me at a later date. I've no idea whether it's authentically Chinese, but it's here as part of the Chinese New Year promotion so let's fry it up!

Here we se it as it hits the frying pan. At this point I'm not convinced. At best it's catering grade.

As it heats up it looks like school dinners but the smell is getting there. It's also clearer that there are more foods in here than I thought. The meat looks decent chunks too.

And here is the finished product, it's not going to win any beauty contests but it's pretty good. If a take away threw a sauce on this and sold it I'm sure no one would notice of complain. 

A victory for the modern man - it probably even has nutrients. If this wasn't just a Chinese New Year thing then I'm picking up more. It's great for a small quick meal when it's just you and the TV.


The Guy Next Door said...

how much was it? Good value for money if its less than a quid

Glenn said...

Why should it be authentically Chinese? Bami Goreng is an indonesian dish.