26 March 2016

Yakima Red Beer (@MeantimeBrewing Waitrose) [By @SpecteUK]

I absolutely adore Meantime's Chocolate Beer, and also their Indian Pale Ale, so I was pretty excited when I saw this Yakima Red beer by the same brewery in my local supermarket. This 4.1% beer was brewed with both German and British malts giving it a dark ruby colour. I first thought Yakima sounded Japanese, but this beer is brewed with five different hops from the Yakima Valley in Washington State, in the USA, which the label tells me gives it a bitter fruity citrusy flavour. On opening the bottle there was an initial malted barley smell, with notes of fruit and a hint of citrus from the hops. The beer was a definite deep ruby red on pouring with a complex set of hops for flavour. The bitterness from the hops dove right in from the get-go pouncing on top of any thoughts of malt in the initial taste. The bitter citrus hops struck first moving into the fruitier hops towards the aftertaste. The bitterness keeps giving with this beer straight through to the aftertaste, where a little malt whispered peekaboo. I found my lips smacking after each sip. Wanting more. Wishing I had a bigger bottle or just bought more bottles. I will have to pop back to the store soon...

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