23 March 2016

Pork, Sage & Scrumpy Cider Crisps (Marks & Spencer's) [By @spectreUK]

These Pork, Sage & Scrumpy Cider Crisps are part of the "Tastes of the British Isles" range at Marks & Spencer's. They are made from British potatoes grown in Herefordshire, Somerset scrumpy cider and British pork from farms across the UK. I could almost hear the National Anthem on opening the packet. Of course it wasn't time for the Queen's speech and even though I'm a bit of a royalist I don't know all the words and I couldn't be bothered to hum it. On opening the packet there was a hefty smell of pork and sage to these crisps with a light hint of appley cider in the background. The cider came forth in the initial flavour of these crisps merging very well with the pork and sage flavours. These crisps were like a whole pork roast Sunday dinner rolled into one. The potatoes were obviously present (although not roasted), the pork also, the sage stuffing (if you can stuff a pig), and an ample supply of apple sauce on top. Perfect. Don't forget some cider, ale or red wine to wash it all down with or if you're not so inclined, whatever your liquid fancy is.

Information on the packet;
150g bag with 30g servings having 146 calories, with 7.5g of fat, 0.7g of sugar and 0.40g of salt. For ingredients please see photograph. Not for vegetarians.

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