26 February 2016

New Cadbury Time Out Wafer Chocolate Bar (BHS) [By @cinabar]

Firstly this was purchased in BHS, not somewhere I'd associate with finding Foodstuff Finds goodies, but our branch has a new mini grocery section added to it. So yes you can now buy clothes, light bulbs, tins of soup and chocolate bars in the same store. These new Cadbury Time Out Wafer bars were in the grocery section, and they were by the till there as they were on special offer. They have a printed price tag on the wrapper of 35p per bar, but were on two for 50p which is remarkably good value.
The bars are small though and weigh in at just over 21g, however they are only 111 calories, so make a perfect lower calorie chocolate fix. The proper Time Out bar has two sticks, so it looks like they've taken one out packaging it separately and replaced the layer of flake inside it with extra wafer.

I'm okay with calorie controlled portioning but as these bars were two for 50p I bought two... ok, that was a complete lie, I bought four for a £1, but the thought was there! Anyway...
The bar snapped in half easily and the layers of wafer were neatly present. The the bar had a lovely light crispy feel and felt very pleasing to bite into. I love a mix of textures, so I really liked the light crunch and soft chocolate. There seemed to be plenty of Cadbury's chocolate flavour too, impressively so. It was a sweet and soothing bar. Indeed just one of these bars certainly took away a chocolate craving, and felt satisfying and tasty at the same time. It's the perfect bar if you want a chocolate hit without too much of the calorie intake and certainly one I'd buy again. I'd even go back to BHS just to get them.
By Cinabar

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Michael Robinson said...

I haven't had a Time Out in years! Will have to track one down as they're lovely :)