4 February 2016

UAB Urban Apples Cider (by @NLi10) @TheLordClifden

It really looks innocent enough, cartoon copyright ignoring art depicting several things at once.  Although as they poured it I was reminded of the effects of the little red apple on Snow White and the sudden need for handsome Prince Charming and lots of little people.

It certainly looked like something that would be brought over by an innocent looking old lady while cackling (instead of the great, chatty bar staff at The Lord Clifden).

It has an aroma that seems to be a mix of apples and petrol. I'm sure you could use this as an eco-fuel.  As I barely drink these days (but do enjoy a good cider now and then) I went for a half, then followed that up with a huge Banksy burger.

The taste was more palatable. Not as apple based as I'd hoped, but a decent mix of scrumpy and cider so that you feel that it's acceptable to drink in a small glass, but also acceptable to drink in public.

I'm sure this will still be around come the summer so maybe then I'll drink enough to require rescuing, but tonight I am still standing.

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