21 February 2016

Posh Pots - Itsu & Kabuto feat Coldpress (by @NLi10)

It's lunch time here at FoodStuffFinds and thanks to a trip to Sainsburys I had a weeks worth of lunch pots to review! 

Monday was a small Itsu glass noodle pot with the coldpress drink.

This was a Thai yum yum paste, with translucent potato noodles in a small bundle and a cool ladle-fork (Lork?) to eat it with. The flavour was a light Tom yum, and relatively uneventful in a nice way. 

It was quite soupy and the little bit of zing was cooled nicely by the garden tasting coldpress.

The bottle actually has nutrients per calorie which is nice, but it did contain celery and cucumber which aren't my most favourite things. It tasted a lot like my home made kale smoothies.

Tue was the first of the Thai Kabuto rice pots. These were a bit less successful, turning into spicy rice pudding.

We'll eventually anyway!

We finished off the Coldpress too. I enjoyed the flavour of this Thai green version.

I suspect that the rice pudding effect was more severe initially as they moved the fill line way up to keep the texture in the realms of food.

I didn't lunch on Wed - half day - but ate the red Thai version on Thursday. Didn't really enjoy this one, the texture seemed even more gloopy and the flavour wasn't as nice. I'd probably only eat these again when I was out camping or similar, and then I'd choose other things first.

I saved the biggest and most expensive til last - Itsu's largest offering. 

This has a whole pack of udon noodles - and an actual soup paste sachet to go with them.

It's not rocket science though

But it does feel a little more like cooking than some of these did

And the veggies look real!

This was a proper meal. The Lork was present again and larger for the big pot, and it took me a while to finish it off.  It was quite a salty/strong flavour and a nice chicken broth. The noodles as expected were the real star - and this is the one option I'd buy again.

The others were either a little on the small side, or just not to my taste. I think the Itsu big pot was the clear winner, but I'd have to check the prices as you may be better of just having the smaller Monday pot and a bag of crisps (like I did).


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