10 February 2016

Two Chicks - Chirps Smokey Jalapeño (Ocado) [By @SpectreUK]

Always on the lookout for alternative snacks these free range egg white bites from Chirps, in Kettering, seemed a healthy but odd sounding treat. They are naturally high in protein, whilst being low in fat and carbohydrates. On opening the packet the little curled up egg white crisps had a dangerous red colour to them, with a overzealous amount of paprika and jalapeño covering them. They had a decent crunch and were very flavoursome indeed. The paprika assailed my tastebuds first followed by the hot jalapeño, with the slightest egg flavour at the end, as both the heavy paprika tang and the jalapeño raced each other to the the finishing burn in my mouth. Half the way through the bag my nose began to run a little and my mouth was pleasantly on fire. These are an odd sounding snack, but well worth a try. Certainly a treat for hot snack lovers, especially ones who are looking for an alternative to spicy crisps and or nuts.

Information on the bag;
28g bag has 110 calories, with 3.8g of fat, 0.6g of sugar and 0.5g of salt. For ingredients see photograph.
By Spectre

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