21 April 2016

BootyO's Cereal (by @NLi10) #WWE #NewDay

We visited London recently and you can pick up all kinds of unusual import goodies. I got this box of cereal from our latest visit - BootyO's - they make sure you ain't booty!

the box advertised this as an American Cheerios style cereal, with the sugary marsh mallow goodness that drives the children wild and makes teachers sad.

It has a cut out cardboard unicorn mask - and sunglasses for the unicorn too

The nutritional information is somewhat suspect - gluteus free?!

And upon closer inspection there is a cool unicorn in the box too!

This is of course a promotional T-Shirt for the greatest WWE tag team since Demolition - New Day. I'm not too sour, I expected this going in - especially as I bought it from the Monday Night RAW concession stand.  It's a great idea though, the box is decent enough quality and came flat for easy transport. I had an eBay search set up from the very moment they unveiled the cereal, but luckily the boxes came on tour too.

I did have to but my own Connor's Cure charity wristband to use as the prize in the box though.

Here is the real guys doing some promotional work. It's not easy being the champs!

And here we see the box in its natural home, slotted in between English staple cereals. Its probably better for you than most American cereals, and it gives me chance to wear clothing that is both Wrestling and Snacking related.  They are almost certain to release the actual cereal at some point too...

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Lot-O-Choc said...

Haha I really want to buy this cereal! Looks so fun - how does it actually taste though? Have you tried it yet?