30 April 2016

Traditional Alcoholic Cloudy Ginger Beer (Waitrose) [By @SpectreUK]

This Traditional Cloudy Alcoholic Ginger Beer was brewed and bottled for Waitrose. It was made from dried Chinese Ginger Root and a serving suggestion on the 330ml bottle stated that this ginger beer goes well with a slice of lemon. I had no lemon to hand and was not too fussed about trying it over ice as the weather seems to go from cold windy rain, to sleet, to snow, to thunder, to hail, a slice of hot sun and then back to freezing rain again at the moment. Yes, winter is still here, but a crazy pseudo-winter throwing everything at us. A spell for this 3.8% volume ginger beer in Cinabar’s super cold fridge was enough for me to drink it, and to be refreshed whilst the central heating pumped and gurgled away in the background. There was a pleasing fizz on opening the bottle followed by a nose hair tickling smell of ginger. The lightly carbonated cloudy ginger beer had an initial fiery burn that just kept giving throughout each mouthful. Who needs central heating or ice? This drink was enough to keep me warm for a while with its fierce ginger taste and slight alcoholic buzz at the end of the flavour. All I need now is another bottle to warm me up before bed tonight!
By Spectre

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