20 April 2016

Upbeat – Mango & Passion Fruit (Waitrose) [By @SpectreUK]

I’d like to say I’m feeling ‘Upbeat’ about this Mango & Passion Fruit Diary Protein Drink, but my latest venture with passion fruit, i.e. passion fruit beer, was a complete disaster. In fact I’m not sure why I picked up this diary drink now been as though I don’t even like mango as a flavour (asides mango chutney). Perhaps I thought that if orange goes well with passion fruit, then perhaps mango will? I have no idea now. All I know is I’m on a big downer on passion fruit since I threw away that beer (I know, first beer I think I’ve ever thrown away).

Having said that on opening the plastic bottle the yellowish milky liquid inside smelt almost evenly of passion fruit and mango, which wasn’t a bad smell at all. Flavour-wise I was quite surprised whilst my tastebuds bathed in the creamy silkiness of the diary drink the passion fruit and mango seemed to get on rather well together. The passion fruit working like it should; though not to dull the strong mango flavour, but to complement it like a good friend on a sunny afternoon in the garden. I found this drink to be refreshing, milky, energising goodness. My faith in passion fruit has been rekindled and my dread of mango diminished. One could say I’ve been left feeling ‘Upbeat’!

Information on the bottle;

250ml with 20g of protein, 149 calories, low in fat at 2g, 0.38g salt, and 11.8g of sugar. See ingredients in photograph.


Doug Weller said...

Bought this at Sainsbury's today after reading your review. Delicious.

cinabar said...

Glad you liked it :-)