15 April 2016

Muller American Classics Raspberry Cheesecake Brownie Yoghurt (Morrisons) [By @Cinabar]

When Muller decided they wanted their latest limited edition corner yoghurt to be American themed one, they must have a bit of a decision to make. “Shall we go for cheesecake or brownies?” The obvious conclusion was both, along with; “lets chuck some raspberries in there too for good measure”. Behold the American Classics Raspberry Cheesecake Brownie Yoghurt was born. Phew.
If I was being picky I’d point out that if somebody says to me New York style cheesecake, I’d assume it would be baked, this yoghurt has a very British feeling Digestive biscuit bits to represent the base. It’s okay though, they put the Statue of Liberty of the packet to help confirm the American theming. Hang on wasn’t the Brownie the base?

So before I tried this yoghurt I had already decided that it was a bit confused. I pulled back the lid, and was impressed by the amount of brownie and biscuit bits I had to pour in. There seemed a lot, which is always nice.
I dipped the spoon in getting some of the cheesecake yoghurt, the raspberry sauce, the biscuit bits and the brownie and the flavour sensation struck, I take it all back, this works. The ingredients felt like they were meant to be. The rich chocolate, the smooth creamy flavour from the yoghurt and biscuit and the zingy raspberry cutting through it all, it was just heaven. I know I’ve mentioned before about my love of textures, so crunchy biscuits and soft brownie meant that this was a win on that front too. This is a new favourite Muller Corner for me, and I hope it stays a while, despite having that “Limited Edition” label top right.

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