12 April 2016

McVities Digestives Caramel Flavour Teacakes (Morrisons) [By @Cinabar]

I was browsing Morrisons for any new and interesting snacks and I spotted these McVities Digestives Caramel Flavour Teacakes. I like chocolate teacakes as a treat, and often have the Tunnocks version, which are bigger than all the rest. I could tell this would be the case with these too, as the pack when it arrived held eight, spaced out with plastic. They are not individually wrapped, but were neatly decorated with caramel sprinkles.
The first thing I tried was one of the sprinkles, yes on its own… anyway it tasted sweet, was slightly soft and dissolved in the mouth. I thought it was supposed to be a caramel flavour chocolate, but it felt almost chewy at one point. I realised I was spending to much time focusing on the sprinkles and bit in to the whole thing instead.

The next thing that struck me was the base of the teacake. These are McVities Digestives Teacakes and as such I had assumed that there would be a Digestive biscuit for the base, but there wasn’t. It did have a wholemeal sort of flavour, but it was surprisingly soft and not the firm biscuit base I had assumed would be there. I thought that was the point?
Now I put that aside as the rich sweet caramel flavour hit me, and the missing biscuit didn’t seem to matter. The chocolate and sweet flavours were absolutely lovely, and I was pleasantly surprised by just how defined the caramel taste was, these were yummy. The chocolate cracks and the mallow is soft, the caramel flavours hit, and I have to admit to thoroughly enjoying the chocolatey treats. I’m just not sure how the tie in with Digestives works.
By Cinabar

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