28 April 2016

Norwegian Air Plane Food - In Flight Review! (@NLi10)

For the first time I'm on a flight with WiFi and time to take advantage of it. This means I can watch a metal tube full of people staring at buffer screens and tending their city/farm.

I however chose this to do an in flight review of the sandwiches. 

The sandwiches had run out so I risked the tapas instead.

This came neatly portioned out - which was great because I didn't want the cheese but my travelling companion (of ten years today x!) did.

Due to the nature of air plane food it tends to be a bit dry and tasteless so it pays to go for stronger flavours. This paid off.  The olives were still a little crunchy and had a sharp flavour, the bread was a little hard but in a nice way. The ham's flavour was more delicate than the little sausages but I think given the space and non plastic cutlery I'd have been able to separate off the layers and eat it in a more civilised way.

I am assured that the cheese was also nice and strong - and "tasted of farm, but in a good way".

This, a can of iced tea, a regular tea and a muffin came to 13 Euro which for a hungry captive audience is pretty good. I do think that good in flight comforts are something I'd look out for - we are returning on a budget airline so are unlikely to get free wifi and reasonable food then...

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