19 April 2016

Smokey Tennesse Rib Flavour Crisps (Marks and Spencers) [By @cinabar]

So Mark and Spencer have launched a new range of goodies for summer. They are brightly packaged, and it makes me look forward to sun drenched days and barbecues. You know last Saturday we had snow, April snow… oh well, I can still eat summer food, and put the heating on. This is Britain after all.
The crisps are Smokey Tennessee Rib flavoured, which I liked the sound of as I like both smokey and meaty flavours. We opened up the bag and decided to share them out wth sandwiches. The crisps are fairly well seasoned, and have a generous orangey coating. They smelt pleasingly smokey too.

The crisps are a decent thickness, crunchy, but not overly so. Some companies make crisps too thick, in an effort to be posh, and they seem to go passed the mark, thankfully these were spot on. I enjoyed the complexities of their taste too. There is a sweetness, and a barbecue sauce flavour with lovely warm spices, but the best part of the crisp is the finish. A wonderful rich smokiness that just ends the flavour so very well. This makes them ever so moreish and tasty, and made us all go back to the bag to see if there were any more to share out.
These are crisps I will certainly be buying again.If the weather was up for it, these could be perfect with a barbecue. With the weather the way it is, they are a fab indoor lunchtime treat too. ;-)
By Cinabar


Lorna Kanisha said...
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cinabar said...

they have such a summery taste :-)