11 April 2016

Indian Burrito Co @WrapChic (Birmingham Bull Ring) [By @Cinabar]

There seems to be quite a bit of choice of places to eat in Birmingham, with so many different types of food represented it is a tricky choice deciding what to eat. I was trying to find somewhere to get a quick lunch, and was having trouble trying to choose. On my wander through Birmingham I walked passed WrapChic the Indian Burrito Company, and took a couple of steps back to check what I thought I'd read; Indian Burrito? As I was staring a man on a bike placed a cocktail stick with spicy lamb in my hand without saying a word... and I was sold. Ok the bike did belong to WrapChic not just somebody cycling past at random, but the flavour hooked me completely. This was good stuff.

I decided to choose a Burrito and as I love spicy fish chose the Fish Malabari. The man making the burrito was friendly and chatty and asked me to choose what extra fillings I wanted, I went for brown rice, lettuce, beans, medium chilli sauce and a some cheese. I know cheese sounds odd with spicy fish, but it felt right for a burrito, and this is fusion cuisine.

The burrito was neatly and firmly wrapped for me and I took a seat to dig in. The tables are fairly basic, but this is supposed to be quick food. It was a flavour sensation. The filling was very generous, and the flavour combination of Indian and Mexican just fell into place. The fish was soft and moist and fragrantly spiced, the other ingredients changed the flavour as you hit them, from cool and crisp salad, soft beans to creamy cheese, this was an awesome burrito. The mix of flavours and textures was an absolute pleasure and I was licking my fingers by the end of it, literally, as the sauce had escaped a little.

Mexican Indian Fusion cuisine works, the fragrant spices, and ingredients jumbled together to give me the tastiest burrito I've ever eaten. When I finished the hearty portion the only thought I had was that whoever had the idea was a genius and that I couldn't wait to go back.
By Cinabar

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