9 April 2016

Nanny State Alcohol Free Ale (@BrewDog) [By SpectreUK]

We’re off to the theatre tonight to watch Annie, with Leslie Joseph, at The Grand. I fancied a beer before I left, but not liking to drink before I drive Cinabar noticed that this Brewdog Nanny State beer I picked up at the local supermarket the other day had 0.5% volume alcohol. I’d chosen the 330ml bottle as it had stated “new” on a label on the shelf, and being a spirited Blogger I thought that I’d give it a try. I remember having a few Brewdog beers in the past and recalled just how uniquely flavoursome they can be, so when Cinabar stated that this was low alcohol beer I was only a little apprehensive. I’ve had a few low alcohol beers in the past and they occasionally seem to be lacking something… I guess it could be classed as the “oomph” that the alcohol can bring. Having said that, I have had just a few low alcohol beers that the flavours of the barley and hops distracted from the lack of booze.

On opening the bottle there was a strong floral hoppy smell with a hint of citrus, which instantly made me feel that the booze just wasn’t going to go amiss. This dark brown beer poured like a rather excited ale with a joyous head. If I hadn’t have read the label at this moment in time I just wouldn’t have noticed its lack of alcohol content. And wow! On flavour this strong bitter hoppy ale packs a punch that screams; “I’m a craft ale and I don’t need booze!” Seriously, I just couldn’t tell it was so low in alcohol. There is an instant floral hoppiness to the flavour with malted barley egging on the bitterness, this smooths out slightly to produce a more rounded citrus hoppy flavour as the beer moves into the aftertaste. I can see designated drivers everywhere raising a glass of this genius Nanny State. Cheers!!
By Spectre

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