13 April 2016

New Skittles Tropical (Sainsburys) [By @SpectreUK]

It seems bizarre that these Skittles Tropical flavour are new. It seems like there should have been a Skittles Tropical flavour in the UK years ago, but we sometimes get a little forgotten where snacking flavours are concerned, either that or manufacturers sometimes don’t believe we’ll like a slightly adventurous flavour of something. Anyway there were quite a few flavours in the re-sealable bag, starting with a sweet pineapple flavour for the yellow Skittles. You’ve probably guessed that the orange coloured Skittles were indeed an orange flavour, however they did pack quite a sweet and zesty punch that suggested mandarin. I wasn’t absolutely sure what blue was, but it tasted a little like blueberry and cherry combined, which are two of my least favourite flavours to court one another, especially in a sweet packet. I really didn’t like the blues. The pinks were watermelon flavour, but tasted slightly chemically, but not enough to put me off them. Have I mentioned that I just didn’t like the blues at all? Finally the purples were a passion fruit flavour, with perhaps a hint of blackcurrant. These Skittles Tropical were very nice indeed, asides the blues, but I’m feeling a little less adventurous and preferred the oranges and yellows!

Information on the bag;

174g bag with 180 calories per 45g serving, having 1.9g of fat 0.01g of salt and 39.9g of sugar (well, they are sweets!). See photograph for ingredients.
By Spectre

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