16 April 2016

Pic Tor Passion Fruit Pale Ale (Brown and Greens, Trentham) [By @SpectreUK]

Passion Fruit goes well with other fruity flavours, such as orange, which makes a refreshing tropical drink. In fact that’s where I figured this beer was from when I picked it up on a recent day out. And why not? This is a tropical sounding beer, which could easily be from tropical climes. Well, how wrong was I? This beer was brewed at the Buxton Brewery, in England. I couldn’t decide whether this 5.9% Pic Tor Passion Fruit Pale Ale sounded a good idea or not. I know that orange pale ale tastes good and goes great with fishy and spicy meals. I know that orange goes well with passion fruit, so maybe there’s a bridge there and I can enjoy this beer with my tuna sandwich for dinner tonight?

On opening there was an initial fruity smell to the beer that didn’t particularly smell strongly of passion fruit. In fact the fruitiness in the aroma mixed well with the hoppy beer. I was expecting an explosion of sweet passion fruit when I first sipped the cloudy golden beer. I was certainly to be surprised. This has to be the sourest bitterest beer I’ve ever had the misfortune to try. I’ve tried plenty of beers for this blog and many many more besides, but this is a very rare occurrence, asides banana beer, which I also didn’t like at all. I’ve eaten a passion fruit in the past and they taste quite sweet, so what happened here I have no idea. I even checked the date on the 330ml bottle, as I presumed it had gone out of date several years ago! Cinabar laughed each time I took a sip and my face curled and twisted to the point of trying desperately to hide behind my hands. Bluuurgh… Sorry Buxton Brewery, this just wasn’t for me!
By Spectre

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