6 August 2016

Badger Daring Diver Beer (Morrisons) [By @SpectreUK]

As it’s been a scorching hot day here and I had a good swim earlier at the gym, I thought this new Daring Diver beer from Badger Ales was apt for the occasion. This 4.7% volume amber beer was inspired by a sneaky mallard that ventured right up to the brewery to pinch some hops that had blown out of the stores. The beer is made with Slovenian Celeia hops, which makes me wonder if the cheeky duck had stolen some of that. The label suggests enjoying this beer with chicken pie or creamy pasta dishes. I always think neither of those taste of anything in particular. I prefer beef pies and tomato pasta dishes, so instead I’ll enjoy this beer on it’s own… On opening the bottle there was a light citrus hoppy smell. On taste there was an initial mild citrus hoppy bitterness, which quickly merged with the sweetness from the malts giving it a mild biscuity undertone that moved gracefully into the aftertaste. This was definitely a refreshing beer for a hot summers day. I can’t blame the mallard for taking a cheeky dive in.

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