30 August 2016

Walkers Cheese, Cucumber and Salad Cream Sandwich Crisps (Boots) [By @Cinabar]

Here we are continuing on the taste testing of the New Walkers flavour crisps inspired by Heinz. These crisps represent a cheese, cucumber and salad cream sandwich. It is an interesting idea for a combination of flavours, and I was keen to get the pack open.
The first taste I got was a distinctly vinegary hit, this developed very quickly into the very specific taste of salad cream. Who’d have thought salad cream and crisps would work? Well if I’m honest Spectre has dipped crisps in salad cream for years, but I’d just assumed he was a bit weird…
Anyway, there is also plenty of cheese and cucumber in the aftertaste. The cheese presents a slightly musty flavour that I liked and the cucumber was very distinctive and fresh. I couldn’t pick up on any bread, and I wonder with these sandwich flavours if they even bother to attempt to add it in as a taste?
The mix of salad cream, cheese and cucumber worked very well, sort of like a cheese salad flavour crisps. It shouldn’t work but it does. I think it is the tangy vinegar flavour from the salad cream that makes these crisps a winner. These are different to any I’ve tried before, but that hint of vinegar brings with it a certain familiarly, a flavour that works but with a very nice twist. I found these very moreish crisps I would look forward to having them again.


Anonymous said...

These look amazing! Haven't seen these around yet but going out to hunt at lunch today!

Sosi Kokeilu said...

I'm eating these right now, slowly, like they were some kind of gourmet variant, very odd of me, but I'm savouring every flavour nuance