26 August 2016

Jersey Milk chocolate (Marks and Spencers) [By @Cinabar]

When I saw this bar of milk chocolate in Marks and Spencers I thought it sounded rather luxurious. Chocolate made with Jersey milk, if ever there was a bar that sounded soothing, this felt like it would be it. I wouldn't normally review a plain sounding bar like this, but after a busy day some Jersey milk infused chocolate sounded like a perfect treat.
Now when it comes to comfort eating, I'd normally go for a bigger bar, but this one is quite thin and light. I guess that is healthier though. I broke a piece off and gave it the taste test. I was surprised to find that the chocolate didn't do much for me. I know it contains Jersey milk, I checked the ingredients label to make sure, but it is far from being what I would describe as creamy. I think I misinterpreted milk as cream. The melt on it isn't thick and lush, its quite a clean feeling bar, which isn't what I'd hoped for. Flavour wise it is sweet, but the cocoa has a woody complex edge, its pleasant, but not the rich flavour I was after. I liked the chocolate, it was perfectly okay, a nice quality milk chocolate with a nice cocoa. The problem was that it didn't meet the expectation. I wanted a thick heavy melt chocolate that coated the palette in a sweet and super creamy mix. I wanted a cocoa that worked with the sweetness, and was smooth and easy to eat. Mostly I wanted a bigger bar too, something too soothe away the work day blues but errr... maybe that part is just a bit of greed too! Oh well, at least it is a Bank Holiday weekend!

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