7 August 2016

Hollows & Fentimans (by @NLi10)

At a friends surprise birthday/engagement party (congratulations guys!) I spotted this Hollows & Fentiman's alcoholic ginger beer. Being a big fan of Fentiman's and quite liking the odd ginger beer I decided to give it a try.

The design of the bottle is pretty fab, it sits comfortably in the beers but sticks out just enough that I spotted it instantly.

It's natural, and botanically brewed just like all the Fentiman's range, but at 4% Vol it's obviously a little more adult.

The flavour isn't too strong, but it is closer to the beer end than the ginger end which I quite liked.  It wasn't too fizzy either, I do find the normal ginger beer goes up my nose a bit.

I'm not sure I needed the full bottle, a smaller portion would have been fine, but then I do tend to drink halves. Overall it was certainly nice enough to have again, and a great addition to the range. Hopefully it'll get more people excited by the brand, and more opportunities arise. It also made me wonder if Fentiman's have used their technology to make a cider yet?!

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