31 August 2016

Mello Cantaloupe Melon Drink (Waitrose) [By @SpectreUK]

Looking for a refreshing drink after a stint at the gym I found this Mello Cantaloupe Melon drink. Apparently it’s good for your skin, so the bottle states, and at my age every little helps! It has 100% natural ingredients, with no added sugar, preservatives, sweeteners or water. It’s just pure cold pressed cantaloupe melon juice (80%) and pineapple juice (20%), you could say it’s like a Pareto’s mixed fruit juice punch. And at 31 calories I’d burnt that off in less than 5 minutes on a bike ride to nowhere.
On taste the orange liquid tasted mainly of cantaloupe melon… probably about 80% I should imagine, with about 20% of pineapple juice calming the shear melon flavour down in the background. This is a very refreshing and flavoursome drink indeed, and had a thickness almost akin to a smoothie. I’d have this again as it felt very healthy and different from just having a bottle of regular juice drink.

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