15 August 2016

New Doritos B - Ultimate Cheeseburger (@doritosuk Waitrose) [By @Cinabar]

So Doritos are putting two flavours up against each other in a bid to find a new winner. There are instructions on the bag of how to vote, and a hefty prize up for grabs. They clearly don’t want to invest too much in packaging design until they have their winner, these bags look surprisingly basic.
The new flavours are A - Spicy Salsa and B - Ultimate Cheeseburger. I have both bags, and despite some desire to follow the logical A before B taste testing, the Ultimate Cheeseburger flavour sounded too good not to open first.
I opened up the pack and inhaled the aroma. Initially they smelt a little bit meaty, but nothing wow.

I poured a few onto the plate, sat down and tucked in. They were amazing. They pretty much nailed the flavour on the head. The cheeseburger taste is very meaty, and has the most moreish flame-grilled flavour. There is a lovely hint of cheese, and you can almost picture the burger in the bap. The taste is complex, and all the elements make these very moreish and a pleasure to munch through. The star of the show is that wonderfully beefy taste, just like it came straight off the barbecue. I’m not sure that Doritos could have made a cheeseburger flavour any better than this, and I had no idea it would work so well as a seasoning. I’ll be buying another bag.
I will of course be trying A - Spicy Salsa very soon, and only then will I make a final decision on my favourite. I have to say though, these are going to be seriously difficult to beat.
By Cinabar

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Unknown said...

yup they are amazing! they alos do a max cheeseburger flavour but they are hard to find, fingers crossed it wins as it's the only flavour i would ever buy