22 August 2016

New Doritos A - Sizzling Salsa (Waitrose) [By @Cinabar]

Having tried the very tasty Doritos B - Ultimate Cheeseburger edition, I was very much looking forward to this bag of Doritos A Spicy Salsa. Basically Doritos have brought out two new flavours, labelled them as A and B and let the public make their mind up about which will be their favourite. The public can "destroy" one, to use their terminology. I have already tried the cheeseburger variety and loved them, so these have high competition indeed.
As per the Doritos B, Doritos A Spicy Salsa has limited design on the packaging. Just the basic black and white design, I'm guessing they are not investing on the design until they know which one they are bringing out properly.
The aroma was mild with a hint of tomato, but the flavour was very well detailed. They had a kick of warmth, which was nice but they weren't too hot. What I liked was the detailed representation of the salsa flavour. It tasted fresh and slightly tart and sour, with a good hit of tomato. The flavour was quite detailed and it worked very well, there was even a level of herbs and spices.
These were good. The flavour was very close to representing its intended variety. If I hadn't tried the cheeseburger ones I'd be raving about these. As it is, as you literally have to pick one over the other the Doritos B - Ultimate Cheeseburger wins hands down. It is a more exciting flavour, and the flame grilled beef within it was superb. Get both Doritos while you can, because these Spicy Salas ones are still fab, even though I'm pretty confident the Ultimate Cheeseburger ones will win this.

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