10 August 2016

Forest Feast: Crunchy Coated Peas [By @SpectreUK]

My alternative snack radar was alerted when Forest Feast sent us these Crunchy Coated Peas a while ago. There are three flavours; Smokin’ BBQ Flavour, which I blogged about a few weeks ago, Hot & Sour Sriracha Flavour, and Spicy Chilli Lime Flavour of which I shall blog about both today. I still don’t know what the Manga type characters are on the front of each packet, and guess unless Kestrel Foods give me a nod I may never know…

Hot & Sour Sriracha Flavour

There was a hot sweet chilli smell from the reddish peas that seemed to be slowly boiling in the packet as I tore it open. I poured out the angry looking peas next to my lunchtime sandwich which seemed to visibly back away. On first bite these chilli peas gave a lovely burning chilli blast to start with. For a while this flavour toiled around my mouth and then the sour almost honey sweetness kicked in like a velvet glove thrown into a furnace. That coupled with the flavour from the roasted peas, wheat flour and rice bran oil provided a flavoursome hot and sour treat that made my mouth and eyes water a little. Lovely peas, hot enough to melt plastic, you probably won’t want to stop eating these once you’ve started. And if you do, it’ll probably be to open another packet or dive for some yoghurt out of the nearest fridge!

Information on the packet;

40g at 416 calories per 100g, having 10.4g of fat, 20g of sugar, and 1.9g of salt. Ingredients included; green peas, sugar, wheat flour, chilli sauce powder (chilli, garlic, paprika, acidity regulator (citric acid), and salt), glutinous rice flour, modified starch, maltodextrin, and rice bran oil.

Spicy Chilli Lime Flavour

There was a particularly angry looking kid starting at me from the front of the green packet. He looked like he was going to try to beat me to death with a skateboard or stick his finger up my nose. I couldn’t tell which so ignored him and tore open the packet. There was a chilli and lime smell from the red roasted peas inside. Instead of the chilli heat and then sweetness that I’d experienced from the other two Crunchy Coated Peas flavours, there was an initial strong zesty burst of lime followed by a sweet chilli heat that washed cheerily around my mouth with every finger full of peas. This flavour left a rich chilli and lime burn in my mouth.

I was impressed with all three flavours and to be honest with you I couldn’t pick a favourite flavour. I liked the sweet barbeque heat from the Smokin’ BBQ Flavour, the chilli burn and sweetness from the Hot & Sour Sriracha Flavour, and the completely different tack of lime a sweet chilli burn from the Spicy Chilli Lime Flavour. As I can’t eat nuts I’ve been waiting for alternative flavours in an alternative snack such as this for years, so these will become a regular in my snacking duties.

Information on the packet;

40g at 403 calories per 100g, having 12.1g of fat, 10.8g of sugar, and 2g of salt. Ingredients included; green peas, sugar, wheat flour, corn starch, sugar, lime chilli sauce powder (lime, chilli, garlic, dextrose, maltodextrin, paprika, acidity regulator (citric acid), paprika powder, pepper, and garlic powder) salt, glutinous rice flour, modified starch, soy sauce (soybean, wheat, salt, water) and palm oil.


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