12 August 2016

New Baxters Red Slaw Deli Toppers [By @Cinabar]

Baxters have brought out several new deli toppers for burgers and wraps. The first one we are giving the taste test too is this “Red Slaw”. I can confirm, for those like me, there is no beetroot in the Slaw, just a good selection of red cabbage, white cabbage, carrots etc.
I'm not used to buying Slaw in a jar, I guess it makes sense, but normally I buy coleslaw in plastic tubs that are heavy on the mayo and not re-sealable. So this is a nice twist on that. I have to say the word Slaw seems very American, I’m trying to get used to it. Whenever I say it I keep thinking of Jimmy Osmond on Master Chef.

We decided to skip the instruction on using this on burgers for now, and as we were keen to open it had some on the side with seeded fish cakes.
There seems to be quite a bit of vinegar in the jar and there is some fishing to ensure that you get a decent pile of the veggies. The Slaw was very nicely seasoned, and was spicy and acidic from the vinegar but tasty through all the added spices. The caraway seeds were a nice touch, and gave the hint of an anise flavour. Despite being soaked in the vinegar the veggies were still firm and had plenty of texture. The Slaw went surprisingly well with the fish cakes, but we will try it on burgers as per the suggestion. I’m also looking forward to giving the new Baxter’s Spicy Slaw a try next. Spectre has his high on the jar of jalapeƱos.

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