20 August 2016

Elvis Juice (@BrewDog Morrisons) [By @SpectreUK]

Okay, so Elvis Juice is grapefruit infused IPA. I like beer. I like grapefruit. Not sure about the both together though! It’s sounds to me that this beer by Brewdog could be overpoweringly bitter. I tried passion fruit beer a while ago by another brewery; thinking it would be quite sweet, due to many sweet passion fruit drink experiences. How wrong was I? Oh, my… Anyway, I know from fruity experience that grapefruit is very bitter. In fact I only ever drink grapefruit juice when I stay in hotels, and rarely at that. I make a beeline for it at breakfast time. It’s always a good pick-me-up. So after a long gym session this morning and an old man nap this afternoon, I decided to pop open the 330ml bottle. I noticed on the label that this beer had grapefruit peel and also orange peel add during the brewing. I do like orange beer, so I’m feeling a little better…

On opening this 6.5% volume beer smells like a slap round the face from half a grapefruit, a tickle from some cheeky hops and then someone stuck a segment of orange up my nose! I half expected this Elvis Juice to be hot pink as I poured it, however it’s a rich golden colour. There was an immediate hit of grapefruit even from the head. Oh, my… all I can ask is why hasn’t anyone thought of adding grapefruit to beer before? Or have they, if someone did before they were geniuses. The grapefruit runs straight through the flavour dwarfing any hopes of orange, but really, who cares? Maybe the orange works in the background to calm the grapefruit down? This is nothing like the passion fruit beer experience, which was revolting; this grapefruit infused beer is revolutionary. The grapefruit brings out the bitter flavours from the hops like a Sergeant Major lining up the troops and marching them across my senses to join forces with the malts for a sumptuous aftertaste which is difficult not to put beer glass to mouth immediately afterwards. Unlike orange infused beer that goes well with fish, I’m not sure I’d want to drink this beer with any food accompaniment. I would prefer only the accompaniment of a good book, some peace and quiet, and at least another three 330ml friends to enjoy it with.

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