3 August 2016

Beefeater Edition Beef & Horseradish Crisps (Waitrose) [By @SpectreUK]

I may have mentioned one or two times the benefits of plain or mildly flavoured crisps and alternative snacks when drinking beer. I may have also mentioned that my favourite flavour of crisps when I’m not drinking beer is beef flavoured. Any beef flavoured crisps or Marmite flavoured (gravy) type crisps are fine by me. Why anyone hasn’t brought out Bovril flavour is beyond me! Also my favourite work lunchtime sandwich is beef and horseradish. So you can imagine my excitement when Cinabar mentioned to me that Walkers had brought out Beef & Horseradish flavoured crisps. And so I decided to make myself a beef and horseradish sandwich with an accompaniment of beef and horseradish crisps…

On opening the packet there was a decent beefy smell with a light sting of horseradish that tickled my nose hairs in the tail of the smell. On taste these beef and horseradish crisps do exactly what they say on the front of the packet. There is an initial flavoursome beefy taste followed closely behind by a zing of horseradish. These crisps are not too nose tinglingly spicy to put off the daintiest of eaters, they have a mild yet noticeable heat from the horseradish that finishes off the flavour of each crisps very well indeed. They also complemented my sandwiches well, although I have a habit of putting way too much horseradish on my beef sandwiches in order to almost blow my head off with every bite. In fact I reckon the subtle flavours from these crisps would complement beer well. This Beefeater Edition is certainly a grand new flavour to the Walkers range that I’m sure will be a regular in many lunchboxes.

Now all I need is some Bovril flavoured crisps to add to my arsenal of favourites please … Walkers?

Information on the packet;

25g packet with 130 calories, 7.6g of fat, 0.3g of sugar and 0.35g of Salt. Please see photograph for ingredients.

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