13 August 2016

Fresh Pink Lemonade Cordial (Cosford Food Show) [By @SpectreUK]

We visited the Cosford Air Museum’s food show recently and there was a lady selling glasses of different cordials she’d made for her company. It was a sunny day and by the time we’d wandered around the food show we were rather thirsty. We all had a glass of this Fresh Pink Lemonade Cordial, which is made by Alison’s Fruity Cordial Company, in Cheshire. One taste and we were hooked, and the lady knew it because she then guided us to the bottles of cordial she was selling… which was rather a neat selling trick!
The cordial itself tastes of lemons with a hint of raspberries, which gives it its colour. It has a lovely sour flavour just with water added, and made my face twist when I tried it with lemonade added instead. Very nice, very moreish, very refreshing, and I’d recommend you hunt down these bottles, as they are priceless!

Information on the glass bottle;

Ingredients included; water, sugar, freshly squeezed lemons and raspberries, and citric acid.

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