21 August 2016

Papa Johns - lower fat cheese option Pizza (@NLi10)

Papa Johns has let us sample their new flavours before, but what they had on offer this time was a little different. I agreed to give it a try and they hooked us up with a meal for two.

Here we have one pizza and two mysterious white bags.

The pizza is as requested - a veggie pizza (I think a Garden Party) but with no mushrooms - and most importantly for the review - low fat cheese.  Now I'm a little sceptical when it comes to the low fat varieties of things, I'm a much bigger fan of eating less of the thing and having the real deal, but I was willing to give this a try.

Here are my first two slices. As you can see, even though the cheese is only 1/3 lower in fat it still doesn't look as prevalent on top of the pizza.  The taste too was quite mild, but it still tasted like a pizza with cheese on it.  This is good for me, I'm not a fan of strong cheese, preferring it in the background holding the pizza together. 

On the online menu you can choose the lower fat cheese at no cost, and presumably it's mentioned at the til when you order in person. And yeah - I'm pretty likely to do this in future - for anyone who doesn't see the cheese as the main event on the pizza then you are likely to feel the same way.

My veggie partner was disappointed that they haven't used a lower fat, but strong cheese as shed much prefer that!

The little white bags were the also new to the menu chargrilled corn bits. These were nice enough and did come apart much easier than regular corn on the cob, but it's just not something I'd get excited about.  We received two portions of four, and didn't need the second bag. We'd be much more likely to add a garlic bread or order the next size up of pizza to complete our meal - but then that would likely negate the lower fat cheese option and reduce the nutrition in the corn. As the corn wasn't that buttery at all I'm guessing that it was pretty healthy compared to the rest of the package.

Pizza is not the most healthy of meals, but in moderation and with the lower fat cheese I guess you could have it just that little more often.

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