29 October 2016

Bloody ‘ell Beer (@BeavertownBeer @Warwick_Realale) By @SpectreUK

It’s an exciting scary time of year when all Bloody ‘ell breaks loose on Halloween night! What better than Beavertown’s Bloody ‘ell Blood Orange IPA to wash down all the mayhem? Brewed with blood oranges this beer has a different take than pumpkin beer for Halloween, although it has a hollowed out blood orange skull on the front of the 330ml can that reminded me of a butchered pumpkin.

At 7.2% volume this beer seemed to be almost bursting out of the orange can like blood orange beer hands reached for my throat! I couldn’t contain myself anymore. I had to do it. I had to open the can. Reminiscent of those fools in horror films that wonder down into the dark cellar with a dodgy torch, the curiosity was itching at my fingers. I couldn’t help but turn off the light in the kitchen to add to the spooky effect. As I reached for the cold can from the fridge the torch batteries packed in on me…

Opening the fridge I felt like some freakish secret Blood Orange beer drinker! The fridge light flicked on, but the can wasn’t there. “It’s behind you!” Cinabar cackled, for some reason dressed in a witch’s outfit pointing with the fuzzy end of her broom. I span around on one heel staring at the can, the can staring back. The fridge light got bored and flicking off. The can attacked! I wrestled it back to the work surface as it fought like the hound from hell.

Opening the can the blood orange beer screamed a ghastly cry of freedom. It was the sound of a soulless cry from the depths of hell itself. Okay, so it might of sounded like a normal can opening, but bear with me… Citrus and hops blasted my nostrils as I struggled to hold onto the angry writhing cold hard orange can in my grasp. The golden IPA brayed like twelve ghostly horses flowing into my beer glass with a generous head that would make any headless ghost in a rundown manor house jealous. The taste of blood orange and bitter citrus hops assaulted my tastebuds merging with the pale malt of sweetness of caramel. Mmm… glorious! Then the doorbell chimed and the lights flicked on. “Bloody ’ell, Trick or Treaters to nick all my chocolates!”

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