31 October 2016

Chocolate Halloween Novelties (Superdrug) By @Cinabar

Happy Halloween!!!

For today’s post we are having a look at the seasonal chocolate novelties available this year.

The MilkyBar Ghost was Spectre’s favourite, as you’d expect! He is also a big white chocolate fan, so this was right up his street. It is just a hollow ghost, but as it MilkyBar the white chocolate its sweet and tasty, and soon disappeared - as any ghost should.

The Pumpkin rattles looks like it should be filled with Smarties, but in reality the contents were mini-Smarties, and then there were only seven of them! It is quick to eat, but the milk chocolate is nice and Smarties were fun to munch on.

Finally I thought I had picked up a Cadbury’s Screme Egg, but in fact it is a Cadbury Ghooost Egg. This is a new one on me, but instead of yellow yolk, or indeed the green Screme Egg yolk, for this one the yolk has disappeared, and there is just the white fondant! Maybe they ran out of yolk fondant, and somebody had a brilliant idea! :-D

Which of these would you most like to find in your Trick Or Treat bag?

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