27 October 2016

The Food Doctor - Savoury Roasted Soya (@NLi10)

It's trick or treat season, and there is nothing scarier to small children than having gone to all that effort to dress up than being given a healthy snack!

Here is one such thing that we have cracked open today in our office. The Food Doctor do a range of healthy alternatives and this one was one I've had sitting around for ages, but never been brave enough to try.  Here we have savoury roasted soya, savoury as it was a little soy sauce on it, which does make it a lot more appealing.

They are a low carb snack and will help you eat better forever, which sounds like something a vampire might say. These are naturally suitable for vegans and veggies alike.

They look pretty appealing and have the look of beans and the casings are mostly still in place for that much needed fibre for nutrition.  I have no doubt that these are great for us, but what do they taste like?

While one of my office tasting squad suggested they were a bit papery, I found them quite satisfying but very very dry. I'd not recommend sneaking these in to your cinema for snacking without sneaking in a decent drink too. I'm pretty sure some of the whilefood places sell these coated in chocolate which I think would work better, but the flavour is good enough that I did keep eating more and probably exceeded the 7th of a bag portion suggestion. Like pretzels then, but a lot better for you, and probably only likely to cause fear if you are really hungry but only have these to eat and no way to get a drink. And if that shows up in your horror movie you know that the Saw films have run out of ideas...

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