20 October 2016

Lloyd Grossman - Mascarpone Pancetta & Oak Smoked Garlic (@NLi10)

On the evening I made glitter jelly, I also made my dinner with the kettle too.  Here Lloyd Grossman has brought out a sauce that is on the surface a carbonara - only as he is a chef he understands that it isn't. You see carbonara doesn't have cheese in the sauce, it has cheese on top if you like, but it's all about cracked black pepper and cream. Cheese sauces with pig in them can be quite nice too so it's good to see this variety.

It also has Garlic in it which is great. And to make it you boil water, cook pasta, heat the sauce, then stir the pasta in. Easy!

Naturally we are having gourmet pasta.

And I even timed the pasta so that I got it the right texture.

The sauce was heated as directed, not too fast so it didnt burn.

And the two were expertly combined. pretend i had vegetables instead of eating both portions.

and the flavour was good, strong but not overpowering, and not too salty. And as directed on the package i sprinkled cracked black pepper all over the top. perfect quick and easy psta sauce, something ill have again.

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