5 October 2016

New Cadbury Dairy Milk Snow Balls (Morrisons) By @Cinabar

Firstly is this too soon? I haven't actually seen any of Cadbury's Halloween offerings this year, but their Christmas goodies have already started making an appearance. New is new, and although the I'm not ready to put up the Christmas tree, I don't think tucking into an early bite of seasonal chocolate would hurt.
These Snow Balls look like baubles, but have no string to use them as decorations. They come in a pack of four, and have two plastic spoons with them. Weirdly when it looked like they were filled with a mousse I wanted to put them in the fridge, and have them as a dessert, but the packet clearly states they are not to be refrigerated.

So inside the pack is an egg tray style piece of plastic with four foil wrapped Snow Balls and two spoons. Why there are two spoons to four balls is a bit of a mystery. It is promoting some sharing, but in a two each kind of way.
The chocolate is fairly thin and broke quite easily, inside there is a white "mousse" that was like a very light aerated fondant which had a vanilla flavour. The Cadbury Snow Ball wins points for novelty, and being a cute stocking filler idea. The chocolate shell was nice sweet Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate and the filling was sweet and fluffy.

These are pleasant treats and certainly very sweet and enjoyable. I didn't like the plastic spoon, but I can imagine it will appeal to kids which I suspect is the target audience. I think their selling point is their Christmas novelty and I may have been a bit early for that one to sink in properly. I must get some Halloween goodies reviewed before I get into the Christmas season properly. Anyone see any interesting products?


  1. Do these taste the same as the Easter egg n spoon dairy milk eggs?

  2. I'm slightly embarrassed to say I don't think I've tried them - so can't say.

  3. probably is, very original...

  4. Thats what they do - there were at least Christmas shaped decorations on them underneath


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