22 October 2016

Brewdog Pumpkin King Beer (Morrisons) By @SpectreUK

It’s only polite to take along a bottle with you when you’re on the way to a spooky Halloween party. This cheeky monkey decided to dress up as a pumpkin and take along a bottle of pumpkin flavoured ale courtesy of Brewdog. The bottle suggests listening to the Monster Mash really loud while you drink it, but us humans were not allowed in. I managed to catch the little fellow on his way into the party before the burly many toothed bouncers could grab me. On opening the 330ml bottle I could smell the spices from the pumpkin and zesty hops, as well as the sweet smell of caramel malt. At 5.5% volume this golden brown ale is a taste explosion and not for the faint hearted. Crank up the music and flashing multi-coloured lights as the monster party really starts to kick. Sadly for me, Pumpkin Monkey doesn’t like to share much so I managed to get a quick whiff and a couple of sips before he disappeared into the crowd of tentacles, multi-coloured furry things and far too many eyes! The beer itself has an immediate heavy spiciness from the pumpkin mixed in well with the bitterness and zesty flavours from the hops. There is citrus here by the bucket load, dancing around my pallet with the pumpkin spice, sweetness from the caramel malt and a dash of pale, like a cacophonic crazy party of unusual flavours. This beer is one for celebrating, even if it’s on your own or with friends in front of a scary movie!

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