11 October 2016

Twinings Nutty Chocolate Flavour Assam Tea (Morrisons) By @Cinabar

It was the mention of praline on the bag of tea that made me pick it up. It describes the tea as being nutty like a praline truffle, and that appealed to me lot. As much as I love the combination of chocolate and nuts I still wasn’t sure how that would work with tea, but there is only one way to find out. The tea bags are in a re-sealable bag and are in the pyramid style. I opened up the pack and the tea bags smelt amazing, they had wonderful rich chocolate and nut tones, and I started to think I’d accidentally purchased some kind of hot chocolate.
I popped one of the tea bags into a mug and poured on the hot water, again the aroma was fantastic. I left it to brew for about four minutes, and until the tea was a decent colour. I added a drop of milk and gave it a sip. I think the aroma had got my hopes up, the flavour was really quite mild. The tea was predominantly a pleasing Assam, with a lovely aftertaste of gentle nut and chocolate. It was a good flavour, but it was far more delicate and subtle than I’d expected. I have to admit I still really enjoyed the mug of tea, and as winter draws in this will be a soothing cupper for the winter months.


Tanya said...

Was the chocolate flavour mild/could it be tasted?
I tried a lovely tea in Paris from a Japanese tea shop. One was chocolate tea...it was very lovely delicate buy not mild...

cinabar said...

Ok - maybe "delicate" is a better word, because the taste was definitely there