23 October 2016

Soup of the Day - @BM_AG - Winter Warming Spiced Pumpkin & Sweet Potato (@NLi10)

Museums can be spooky places, so technically I can do a halloween reviews there right?

Especially if they serve up pumpkin on the menu!

As we tend to do when in Birmingham at the weekend we ducked into Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery's Edwardian Tearoom to see what we had on offer.  Here we see the Soup Of The Day is Spiced Pumpkin & Sweet Potato, both things that I love AND packed with nutrition AND a lot warmer than the streets of Birmingham in October.  You also get two little chunks of bread, which initially seemed quite skimpy, but turned out to be spot on.

Here is a case full of scary monkeys - this looks like Tim Burton's toy chest.

And here is the soup!  It's pretty thick and clearly actually contains all the things that you'd expect (Pumpkin, Sweet Potato, and spiciness) and really really good.  It was warm and filling and hit all the right spots.

The breads were also really posh, full of bits of spice and tomato and all kinds of wonderful things.  It tasted like it was freshly made and was probably the highlight of the whole meal.

In combination they were exactly what we needed and set us up for the remainder of the shopping and the bus ride home.

And as long as you can escape from the clutches of Lucifer in the Round Room on the way out then it's well worth a trip away from the shops and into the warmth.

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