24 October 2016

Petrifying Pumpkins (Marks & Spencers) By @Cinabar

We had a browse in Marks and Spencer for some Halloween treats and managed to find this huge bag of sharing crisps, with a pumpkin theme. The crisps aren’t actually pumpkin flavoured, they are just cheesy, but the packaging is bright orange and the crisps are shaped like little Petrifying Pumpkins!

We poured some out into a bowl and the first thing to notice is that there are loads of them. It is a very generous portion of pumpkin crisps, the bowl was full and there were still loads more in the bag! The shaping of them is quite good, they are hollow wavy circles, which do look like pumpkins, a bit at least. The colour of the seasoning helps with its orange tinge.
Flavour wise these are very easy to eat. The taste might not be Halloween related, which is a bit disappointing, but they still tasted really good. Come to think of it, what flavour of crisps would work for Halloween? Salted pumpkin, ghost chilli or blood orange (ok, I was struggling).
Anyway the flavour of these Petrifying Pumpkins crisps is a very light and easy going cheese, they are not too musty at all. There is nice bit of salt, that give them the moreish edge. The texture is good too, they are light and crunchy, and very pleasing to munch on. For me they didn’t beat good old Wotsits, as they were quite mild, but I thoroughly enjoyed eating them. Perfect for sharing with a good old spooky movie, particularly as there is plenty to go around.
PS I’ve got it; Vampire warding Garlic flavour crisps!

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