6 October 2016

Square Root London - Rhubarb Soda (@nli10)

A while back I was bought a lovely present from the northbound Gloucester services.  This is a hand made soda drink from a small Hackney company called Square Root London.

The flavour of this little bottle is rhubarb, which can be a polarising flavour, and the colour is a pleasing golden one rather than the pink that you often see. Also the drink is almost crystal clear, with a small amount of sediment at the bottom.

It has a batch number and a cool slashed through label which adds to the pub drink feel. I could happily be seen with this bottle in public.

And what of the contents? Well it's a surprisingly adult and refreshing drink. It's definitely rhubarb but it's really not that sharp and I think it could well surprise some people who aren't fans. It's also the kind of drink that gets the imagination going and I can picture this as the base for a fair few winter cocktails.

 We are planning some trips in the direction of the services to get more of these, and i certainly want to try more stuff by them!

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