10 October 2016

Cinnamon Waffle Chocolate Bar NomNom @glouc_services By @Cinabar

This bar was bought in a motorway service station, not just any service station, one of the two best ones in the country. If you haven’t been to Tebay or Gloucester Services it is hard to explain why someone might rave about them, but they have deli counters, huge farm shops and enough interesting food products to put even the most determined supermarket to shame.
We visited on our way back from a road trip to Bath, and made a deliberate effort to pop in. My basket was filled with all sorts of Foodstuff Finds, including this chocolate bar. The cinnamon in it caught my eye, I love cinnamon and chocolate. It is from a company called NomNom who specialise in proper Welsh chocolate, using Venezuelan cocoa, and was handmade in Wales.
The wrapper is basic, but the back made me smile, the nutritional advice “never eat more chocolate than you can lift” was both amusing and wise!
The texture is fairly soft, but there are pieces of waffle that have almost a cake like texture within the chocolate, adding to the softness. The texture is a little grainy but it grew on me the more I munched. The cinnamon won me over though. It is a warm spicy bar, with enough toffee and salt to make the flavour of each piece interesting. I actually thought from the first mouthful it might be a little too strong (I think I got a quite a bit of salt and cinnamon), but my tastebuds seemed to adjust and I ended up really falling for this spicy sweet bar. The fact that each bite of chocolate is different in flavour just makes it all the more interesting.


Something to look forward to said...

I was a bit disappointed when I had this - mine seemed to have more salt than cinnamon :(

cinabar said...

Shame - mine had good amounts of cinnamon