14 October 2016

M&MS Peanut Spooky Colours Edition (Boots) By @cinabar

Oh MnMs you don’t make it easy for me. Every year I think this will be the year where we get some exciting themed Halloween edition, perhaps Pumpkin Spice flavour, and every year I’m left disappointed. This year we have a Spooky Colours edition, which are just regular peanut MnMs in select colours.

The spooky colours are orange (a classic Halloween colour and the colour of pumpkins), green (Halloween slime?) and brown (errr, nope I got nothing). The peanut, chocolate and candy shell works, but of course it does. I love nuts and chocolate so these tasted good, and the packet looked smartly themed. It had a funky Jack-o’-lantern shape on the front. The idea of just changing the colours feels like it's lacking effort for a proper Halloween edition, but they still tasted good.
I think I might go and see what interesting flavours are available in the import shops for Halloween from the States. I’ll eat those while I look forward to the red/green peanut MnMs inevitably coming out for Christmas here.


Velvet Tea said...

I love that table cloth :)

cinabar said...

Thansk :-) I have bought more for Halloween pics

wegiall said...

Hey! I am collecting empty m&m packages and I am really interested in that bag. Could you help me getting one? Buy, trade, whatever? Thanks in advance & Greetings from Germany, Michael