30 October 2016

Halloween Eve Bargains! (Hotel Chocolate and Selfridges) @NLi10

Everyone is familiar with post Christmas bargains, but this year I happened to notice that the Halloween chocolate
Was half price in selfridges - on Oct 30th! Result!

Our haul included a shortbread bat

And almost included this giant Hotel Choc box

Look at it's glory! But alas this wasn't in the sale yet and was £12.50 

Boo indeed.  So we went with some of their smaller offerings and shared the love with other brands.

This Selfridges style box was £2.75 - that I can cope with. The Chocolates were John Lewis Chocolates so probably widely available. The centres were
Soft and praline or gooey and very satisfying. Maybe a notch below gift territory but certainly good for sharing at a Halloween party.

These were pretty cheap too! Although in hindsight probably slightly more than the box of 9. These are definitely present grade - luxury chocolate and packaging. 

I didn't expect to find pre-Trick Or Treat bargains so it's worth a last minute look ahead of tomorrow night.

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