29 April 2018

Double Dip Pepero - Sweet Yogurt Dessert Caffe (@NLi10)

We like finding odd and quirky flavours for our favourites - and here we have the classic Pepero (Pocky but Korean and a little more chocolate like) but with basically a Yakult style friendly yogurt drink on the outside - intriguing!

It's imported ingredients list basically say it's sugar and yogurt which is fine

And it's packaged a little more premium than you'd expect due to the speciality range it's in.

I wasn't sure whether to expect the Yakult style flavour or the live yogurt tang, but instead it's more of a sweet, white chocolate fondant style taste.

It's really thick and compelling.  I ate three when I intended to just try one.  They are quite short in fairness.  A hit - not an everyday one - but one where I'll probably eat them all and not share.

Bonus Thins Update

Our BBC 1 appearance has clearly caused the market to crash on Thin biscuits as they are now half price in the Co-Op!

I had to pick up the double choc versions for that price.

And the man who was on before us is right - they just don't look fat enough compared to real Oreos - but they are THINS I guess...

Still, a lovely bourbon biscuit - and it's going no-where near my tea.

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