7 April 2018

San Miguel Alcohol Free Beer (@DegustaboxUK) By @SpectreUK

I recently wrote about San Miguel Gluten Free beer, and now I have a bottle of alcohol free beer to try. I noted at the time that the gluten free San Miguel was produced in Spain instead of the regular Scottish San Miguel. This alcohol free San Miguel was also produced in Spain. Instead of the maize that dominated the flavour gluten free beer, this alcohol free beer was produced in much the same way as the regular alcoholic version with barley malt and hops.

On opening this alcohol free San Miguel didn't smell like regular San Miguel. It also didn't taste the same. I don't know whether there are different hops and or different varieties of barley malt used between the two countries, but the Scottish version tastes a lot more like regular beer than this slightly sweeter none alcoholic version. There's also a similarity in flavour to the gluten free San Miguel that makes me think that the difference in taste was not just the maize dominating the flavour. On further mouthfuls there's definitely a difference in flavour between the countries, which makes me wonder if local ingredients are used during their brewing. This is an ideal beer for designated drivers who want the taste of beer without the alcohol, but given the choice I'd plumb for the version closer to home.

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