9 April 2018

Orange Dark Chocolate (Jamaica Inn) By @Cinabar

I had some family come back from a holiday in Cornwall, and they very kindly gifted me some chocolate from the world famous Jamaica Inn which they visited. It is a pub in Cornwall famous for its history of smugglers, which has inspired a TV series, and even a Hitchcock film. This explains the pirate logo on the front of the chocolate bar too.
So this bar has been handmade in Cornwall, especially for the Jamaica Inn. The bar consists of dark chocolate and is flavoured with orange. There is a bit more detail on the back of the pack where it states that the chocolate is infused with natural orange oil and covered in orange jelly pieces.

Once open you san see that the bar looks big and chunky and very dark, and the back is pretty too. From the packaging this looks like it is going to be a bit of a novelty bar, but the quality of the chocolate is actually spot on. It is rich and dark, but with enough sweetness to bring balance. The orange flavour works a treat with the chocolate, the orange oil is an excellent match for the dark chocolate. The candy pieces bring a lovely bit of texture, and are fun too. If you are visiting the area I’d highly recommend the chocolate, and any brought back as gifts will be warmly received, but also I would recommend buying a bar for yourself too! Don’t let me forget, thanks for the chocolate dad. :-)

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