30 April 2018

New Oreo Birthday Party Edition (Ocado) By @Cinabar

We have another New product that mentions birthdays, and it is still not my birthday, but I bought them anyway. The last one was an ice cream and here we have Oreo biscuits. Technically these are “Birthday Party” edition Oreos, and not Birthday cake variety which seems to be on trend at the minute. I’m not sure what a birthday party should taste of; not just cake but balloons, party poppers and a magician? Not sure how you’d represent all of that as flavour. I took a look at the packet, apparently it is cake sprinkles and caramel, I guess that works too.
I say it works but the birthday sprinkles are a bit hidden, particularly if you don’t twist and split each Oreo like me. I did though on these biscuits just to have a look. When I was doing this I also spotted the heavy scent of sugary caramel, and the Oreos did make me smile.

The flavour was like an intense Oreo. The biscuit part are the normal Oreo sides but the filling is very sweet and absolutely delightful. I loved the sugary boost, and the rich tones of caramel. The visual of the candy sprinkles was lost on me, but flavour wise this made no difference. I am not keen on these products with birthday in the title as it does make me feel a little awkward buying them when there is no birthday to celebrate. I will put that aside for these biscuits though, as it would be a crime not to buy Oreo Birthday Party edition biscuits again.

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