1 April 2018

W K Kellog - No added sugar granola, Coconut Cashew & Almond (Co-op) by @NLi10

I had to tripple check this box - is this really another company releasing cereals with the word Kellogg on them?  As suspected - this is not.  This is a posh new Kellogg's brand, that is recognisable enough that you know where it came from, but different enough that you know something is up.  Also it's £3.50 for a small box so that's a clue too.

No artificial nonsense (unless you count the strawberries in the picture which aren't in the cereal) and full of baked grains, can this comete with the top end granola (Lizzi's)?

It's certainly got the branding right, and the bowl does look quite mixed and promising.

The flavour though is a little homogeneous, and the texture doesn't vary enough either.  I'm not getting fresh seeds bursting with flavour or fruity sweet hits which I'd expected the coconut to provide.  You do get the occasional deep roasted taste from the granola, but not enough to compare with the brand leaders.

So - this is a decent, well made cereal from the experts, but that doesn't stand up to the premium brands it's positioning itself against.  It's a granola for people who are used to muesli (a gateway granola?) which you could happily serve to guests who are used to cornflakes and they'd probably enjoy it.

The box isn't going to go to waste though, I'll happily eat this up and try the second flavour (hopefully while on special offer).

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